Mindfulness Counselling in Stoke on Trent

Mindfulness Counselling in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

First of all … Mindfulness can assist us in dealing with the ‘Multiple’ demands on our time, that we experience in this modern western world. It can feel like a juggling act to do it all, fit it all in, and be it all. We can get the feeling that we are under relentless pressure, and that ‘feeling’ and the ‘thoughts’ behind those ‘feelings’ can often lead us to believe that we’re not coping very well.

Simple Mindfulness practices or exercises can help ‘busy’ people from all walks of life to feel happier, less stressed and more content and in control of their thoughts and emotions.

Mindfulness Counselling in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

Given your already lengthy to-do list, you’re probably thinking, how on earth can mindfulness make me calmer …  and what is mindfulness exactly anyway?

It is perhaps easiest to think of mindfulness simply as an ability to be quiet, calm and still. In a place where you can view your ‘Inner environment’ and your ‘Outer environment’ at the same time. A place of calm observation, whilst also being able to be the observed at the same time.

Hence; When you become conscious enough to become the ‘Observer’ you are no longer at the mercy of your thoughts, or the outer world, or the outer environment. You can learn how to look ‘at’ your thoughts with ‘acceptance’ and non-judgement, rather than being controlled by them.

The Results of this Mindfulness Practice.

Consequently;  You can ‘learn’ to be still and calm inside your mind and body. You can learn to ‘respond’ to life approprately, rather than ‘reacting’ to ever changing life situations, Life is constantly changing around you, and if you are able to surf this ever shifting carpet, rather than feeling like the rug has been pulled from beneath you everytime.  This is the key to finding a true sense of peace, calm and happiness.

Furthermore; The good news is that you can be mindful at any time, and in any place. It is only a mindful breath away. The best way to get a sense of what mindfulness actually is, Is through experiencing it directly ‘Yourself’

A Short Mindfulness Exercise for you …. 

Here is a short exercise that will give you a taste of mindfulness right now.

Sit comfortably in a chair or lie down, close your eyes and take a few breaths. ‘Notice’ the breath, notice the brief pause at the end of the in breath, notice the brief pause at the end of the out breath. Also notice the temperature of the breath, notice how it’s ever so slightly warmer as you breathe out.

The emphasis is on the ‘Noticing’ … Being fully ‘Present’ as you carry out this exercise. 

    Mindfulness Image             

More Mindfulness Practices.

With consistent Practice; You will become increasingly aware of the physical sensations that you are directly experiencing in this moment. … (Right Now!)

Maybe you feel tension or pressure from the sheer volume of thoughts that you’re experiencing, and how you ‘Instinctively’ or ‘Habitually’ react to them. Maybe you feel an urge to try to prevent these thoughts from manifesting ?

Instead just try to simply ‘Notice’ the thoughts, rather than judging them or wishing they would go away. (Don’t Resist!)

What we Resist ….. Persists!

In Mindfulness Practice You will Learn how to acquire;  A Greater Awareness of your Thoughts and Feelings.

Also; … Becoming more aware of your environment too …

The sounds and smells around you. Learn how to “Tune” into this moment called (NOW)  

See if you can let the sounds come and go without ‘Reacting’ in anyway. Allowing the thoughts and sounds to just ebb and flow, whilst being fully aware of them.

In Conclusion …

As a result of you acquiring Mindfulness Skills …  Not only will your ‘Mind’ benefit from the experience.  Your ‘Body’ will benefit too.

Most of all if you need guidance with ‘Learning Mindfulness Skills’

Whether or not, to help you to get through your difficulties …. Or just simply to become happier in your life. Whatever the reason, call today!

Its Easier than you might think!

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