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Steve Haines

Welcome to my website. I’m Steve Haines. 

I’m here to help you in the best way I that I possibly can.

These are some of the things below that I am able to help you with…. 

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Grief, Self Esteem or Mental Health Issues, OCD, PTSD, BPD, NPD. Fears or Phobias, Relationship Issues, Addictions, Obsessions, Anger, Grief, Loss or anything at all that you are struggling with.

I’m an experienced Counsellor. Registered with the BACP.  I specialise in various different types of Counselling.  Mindfulness – (CBT)  or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Person Centred Counselling and Solution Focused Therapy. I’m also an experienced Bereavement Counsellor, Qualified Personal Life Coach and CBT Therapist.

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How Can Counselling or Coaching, Mindfulness or CBT Help you with your particular problem?

Well … Whatever it is that you are going through at the moment. Counselling can help you to explore your Issue or Problem in a Safe, Confidential and Non-Judgemental Environment. Within the safety and security of the counselling room. With a Professionally Trained Counsellor.

Furthermore; Counselling can help you to better define what options there are for you?

For example; You might have other options that you have not explored yet?

You might feel completely LOST and unable to see a way out of your present state?

It could be that you have suffered a loss or a bereavement, or are going through something else that is equally distressing?  A relationship problem or an addiction, or an anger issue. There are numerous problems, that affect us. Way too many to fit onto this website page. Usually there’s something that will help you to some degree.

Generally speaking, as humans we can often make our problems a whole lot worse for ourselves by the way in which we think and the way we try to resolve our problems in our own heads. This is where counselling therapy can help you to unravel yourself from the minds chaotic attempts to reach some sort of resolution.

For the most part our brains are very useful at posting letters or organising our to do lists, But terrible at trying to solve the Issue of Unhappiness. Life Coaching in Stoke on Trent

Mindfulness Counselling and Coaching can help us to Navigate our way out of this painful state.

For Example; The effects of the minds attempts to solve sadness or unhappiness through rumination can cause further depression and anxiety. Which can and does “Add To” the original problem.

However; By incorporating some very simple, and easy to use mindfulness exercises, techniques or strategies into your daily routine throughout your day. These Tools or acquired Skills can really help you tremendously. They can also be tailored to suit you and your busy life. They only take minutes to implement each day.

In Conclusion; Mindfulness Counselling and CBT or (cognitive behavioural therapy) can change your life, for the better. You don’t have to continue to struggle with your thoughts ruling your life, and making you miserable.

Learn how to become the Master of your “Thoughts” rather than the Servant of them.

Counselling vs CBT vs Therapy vs Mindfulness vs Coaching?

  • What is the definition of these words?
  • How do I choose which to choose? 
  • I have Anxiety, which would be the best for me?

Your Questions are something that are addressed in the first session in the room.

The qualities and values that a counsellor possesses ensures that you are treated with the utmost respect. Friendliness, Compassion and Empathy are present in all these above approaches to Psychotherapy.

For Example; CBT is a Goal Focused Therapy

To begin with, I’m pretty sure that you want to be focused on your problems or Issues in the counselling room? CBT makes sure that the focus is on you. It doesn’t mean that you receive any less compassion or empathy and we always go at your pace.

Mindfulness Therapy or Counselling, What is that?

Generally, Mindfulness is similar to CBT. In particular, where Tools, Techniques and Strategies are concerned. These Tools are coupled with breathing exercises and ways to change your state from anxious or depressed to peaceful and calm.

All these approaches are still Counselling Therapy there is nothing to worry about. Your concerns and questions can all be addressed in the first session.

Life Coaching – What is it?

Coaching is not necessarily (Problem Focused) as in the above mentioned Counselling approaches such as CBT. Some people come along for Life Coaching or Mindfulness Coaching to further improve on what they might already do well. Just simply to focus on their own Personal Development. 

To Summarise 

I can hopefully reassure you that you will leave the counselling room feeling better and more hopeful after the very first session. Whatever you are struggling with.

We can tailor your Therapy to suit you. We can both of us focus on which is the right approach for you. Providing you with the correct Help and Support is the most vital part of the process. 

Please get in touch and I will very much look forward to meeting you.

There might not be an instant appointment available, as in today or within a few days.

So Don’t delay … Book your appointment in advance today. 

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