Life Coaching in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Life Coaching in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

Life Coaching or Counselling?

If you’re aren’t familiar with the difference between Coaching and Counselling? It might be hard for you to decide which direction to take, or which to choose?

Let me reassure you. All will be explained in our first session together.

In brief, Coaching can give you the tools and techniques to help you to move forward with making Improvements to your life. It’s primarily Solution Focused.

Counselling is primarily, more problem focused. If you think that you have a problem that is holding you back from moving forward, then the fact that I’m an experienced counsellor too can help us to look at both sides of this equation together, and decide what is the best solution to help you.

The marriage between counselling and coaching is a seemless one. The primary focus is on helping you with whatever you need the help with? 


Personal Life Coaching is an interaction or a conversation between one person and another.Life Coaching in Stoke on Trent

(The Coach) … Me and … you, the recipient or (Coachee). This relationship is primarily, one of a ‘helping’ nature. One of a motivational kind.  One which may focus on, business, music, relationships, personal development? In fact, on ‘any area’ of which ‘you’ the recipient would like help or inspiration with.

Creating Change with Life Coaching?

You may be wishing to change an aspect of your life that you aren’t happy with?

It’s possible that you wish to change an area of your life but just don’t know how?

Also you might just not know how to get started?

Furthermore, you might just wish to get ‘better’ at what you already do well?

There are various types and methods of coaching mentioned below if you are Interested in finding out more about this vast subject.

Alternatively contact me, and I’ll explain how i might be able to help you personally with your problem.



Joining up the pieces in Life Coaching.

Basically in Life Coaching; I as the coach possess the knowledge of how to help you to find your ‘own’ answers to your own dilemmas.

Most of all, I help you through inspiring and encouraging you, whilst deeply understanding you, and finding out where you are coming from.

I as the coach will truly hear your difficulties and then I will help you to determine why you feel that you cannot succeed in whatever area of your life that you’re struggling with.

The aim being, focusing on YOU and helping you to attain your goals, whatever that goal means for you?

Why do people choose Life Coaching over Counselling?

I think it’s fair to say that most people, rightly or wrongly wish to achieve some level of ‘success’ at what they do, whether that’s, a sport, a career or a need to make some very important life decisions, to do with your health, your relationship, or your life in general.

As an example, Some of us come from a place of; ‘I can and I will’ and others from a place of  … ‘I don’t think I can’

That’s what Life Coaching can ultimately help you with!

Defining road blocks in Life Coaching. 

Coaching can help you to define, just, exactly what’s holding you back from making decisions?

I will do my best to inspire and encourage you to take action.

Above all, prioritising your highest potential, and better still, helping you to focus on what you ‘do want’ rather than what you ‘don’t want’ and you may also benefit from collaborative direction or suggestion.

Furthermore, a new set of trained eyes to help you see from an unclouded lens.

Coaching is predominantly ‘solution-focused’ and ‘motivational’ which helps you to improve or enhance your general performance in whatever areas you are seeking help with, by providing you with tools, skills, techniques and strategies for you to ultimately help yourself, so that you no longer need me.

Life Coaching or Counselling?

Conversely; Counselling is more problem-focused, focusing on trauma, or mental health issues. Both having their own merits and both achieve their own desired results.

If it’s solutions or motivation you want help with then you might choose Life Coaching. If it’s problems you’re seeking help with? You may choose counselling?
The two are seemlessly interwoven together to help you in the most appropriate and safest way possible.

Together with the fact that I’m also an experienced Counsellor and CBT Therapist.

When is Coaching not the answer?

As mentioned briefly, and touched upon in my answer above. There is a time for focusing on solutions and motivation and a time for focusing on problems.  A need to get to the bottom of more serious problems – such as mental health issues. Maybe phobias, addictions, personality disorders, or perhaps, post-traumatic stress disorder could be apparent. Maybe as a result of an accident or life trauma situation, to name just a few.

Mental Health Conditions which can surface in Life Coaching.

As previously mentioned I am a qualified and experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist as well as a qualified and experienced Life Coach. So I am able to help you with whatever you are requiring the help with.

What is Collaborative Coaching?

Collaborative means … To ‘collaborate’ with someone else. In other words, make
A ‘joint decision’ Which is made with an awareness of your personal autonomy.

In Short … I cannot tell you (what to do!)

Respect for you and humility from me play a huge part in making a ‘collaborative’ decision when formulating a strategic plan of action.

Therefore; You must want to participate in the plan.

If you don’t there will be no action or movement on your part.

In this case, ‘Trust’ is created by me being honest with you and acting with integrity.

Also, as a rule, most people do not generally respond well to being told what to do!

The Outcome of Coaching? 

In Life Coaching I as the coach use my own skills and expertise to ‘enable’ you to embark on a mutually agreed, guided discovery. Rather than you suddenly finding yourself in unknown territory.

Honesty and openness between you and I is imperative for you to approve of the work and for you to want to embrace the challenge.

Namely; Because you ‘want to’ rather than me telling you what you should do.

What is the difference between a directive and nondirective conversation in Life Coaching?

Directive or Non-Directive Coaching?

Directive conversation is a conversation which primarily focuses on instructing you on ‘what to do’ with your life by suggesting or advising, which of course would be my ‘own’ view of ‘what is right for you’ as I see it. Even when a client comes along, specifically asking for advice. In my experience, people rarely respond well to me telling them ‘what to do’ and ultimately they will do what they want to do anyway, with or without my approval. I have a very clear knowledge of that dilemma.

A persons Autonomy …

This is always the fundamental challenge in Life Coaching. Understanding how a person’s autonomy actually works in reality. Understanding this principle, helps me as a coach to understand the true meaning of collaboration.

As a successful Life Coach I embody this deep understanding, so that I can respect your views, with an awareness that you are already managing your own life without me onboard as a helper.

Furthermore; you put your trust in me to act in a way that’s best for you, and not what suits me to suggest is right for you.

The Skill Sets required in Life Coaching?

As an example; A world-class footballer does not need a world class footballer to teach them ‘their’ style of play. I as a coach focus on helping you to recognise how you may improve your own game, your own energy, your own motivation and working closely alongside you to help you to draw upon your own unique inner resources.

A ‘coach’ such as, a railway coach, or a bus, are all vehicles used to transport people from one place to another, ultimately helping a person get from point A to point B.
The ‘coach’ is the ‘vehicle’ used for this purpose of transformation or transportation.

In Conclusion; … The Psychology of Life Coaching.

As a rule; Non-directive conversation or coaching is about me being acutely aware of getting into the habit of ‘Offering’ too many suggestions. I try to use this method, almost as a ‘last resort’

And only if you cannot find your own answer to your own dilemmas. Rather than me coaching in a directive way. Otherwise, I would be finding the solution for You. Rather than you being able to find your own solution, to your own problem.

Furthermore; It is through non-directive conversation, that you are able to discover your own ‘Inner Coach’ so that you can learn to pull your own ideas from within.

This is vital from a future maintenance point of view.  


This is just a little bit about Life Coaching from me to you.

Many Thanks for reading.

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Life Coaching Stoke-on-Trent.

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