Counselling Services

This page is just outlining the services that I can provide you with. Which will, hopefully aid you with whatever you are going through at the moment.

Moreover, it may help you to decide if what I have to offer is right for you?

I offer a wide variety of counselling services for you to consider?

Please read on to find out about just what is on offer …

The Counselling Services Provided are …

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And for the purpose of, engaging in counselling?

You may wish to ask yourself a few questions.

For Example, what exactly you need the help with?

Does the thought of Counselling or Coaching feel like a daunting proposition to you?

Also, you may be worried about what to expect from counselling and how it may benefit you?

In particular, How might it help you with your own issue or problem?

In fact, you may have a mental health issue that you need help with?

On the other hand, It’s possible that you could be suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, or perhaps a relationship problem?

In addition (to this) you may have suffered some form of loss?

In all honesty, engaging in counselling is nothing for you to worry about. It’s much easier than you might imagine.

Furthermore, You might even enjoy it. Learning more about yourself is enlightening to say the least.

Above all, I try my very best to meet your specific needs, or requirements.

Additionally, I will help you to explore just what you wish to gain from ‘your’ counselling experience.

The Counselling Services on offer are  influenced by my journey …

At my roots; I am an experienced and qualified person-centred counsellor.

I started my career volunteering at a local counselling agency and I focused purely on the person-centred approach. At one time I was a part-time, acting clinical manager at the dove service bereavement agency based in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Part of my work involved taking referrals and handling reviews and supervising the placements. The placements are trainee counsellors starting out on their journeys into counselling. 

There are many other approaches to counselling and psychotherapy.

As a consequence, of me working with a wide range of client Issues as a Private Counsellor today. In contrast, to me just focusing on bereavement and loss. I recognised that I needed to become qualified in several different areas. Such as CBTLife Coaching and Mindfulness, MBCT, MBSR and more … 

And so, now, I find it most effective to utilise various different approaches.

Therefore, this enables me to be able to help more people in a much more effective, maybe even, a more client-focused way.

My style of Counselling or Coaching is based on several different approaches, seemlessly integrated together to give you the best results possible.

Find out about more about the various approaches used in Counselling and Life Coaching.

A few examples are; conventional CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT can be combined with Mindfulness Approaches or (MBCT) Mindfullness Based Cognitive Therapy or (MBSR) Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Also, and not forgetting, Person Centred Counselling. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Personal Life Coaching. All these approaches listed are aimed at helping you to make changes.

Thus, Enabling you to feel more peaceful and in control again.

These approaches are seamlessly linked together. This gives you the very best that you deserve from a Therapist. Having more tools, techniques and strategies at our disposal is obviously beneficial.

Not only to help me the Therapist but for you too!

The (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) (MBACP)

I am a BACP registered counsellor …

Which means, that I work within the BACP’s Ethical Framework and Guidlines for Good Practice. Which is specifically designed to promote your well-being and protect you from harm. These ethics or codes of practice are specifically designed to keep you safe and free from harm. These principles underpin my practice. In addition, to that, I also, regularly attend supervision to add to my high standard of practice.

In addition to Face to Face counselling. I also offer my counselling services and sessions to clients Online via Skype, Zoom or other online means. Including Telephone Counselling and occasionally by email.

So there are numerous ways in which we could successfully work together.

Accessing my Counselling Services.

Generally;  Sessions are ‘Face to Face’ at my home. Which is located in the Meir area of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. 

However, Due to the Pandemic … All Counselling or Coaching is only available Online via the methods outlined above. 

Find out more about some of the problems and the Counselling Services I provide to help you with those problems.

In brief; An example of some of the problems encountered in the counselling room are listed below. Your problem might not be on the list. These are examples for your understanding only. 

Regular Problems encountered below …

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem issues, Self Loathing, Abuse, Bereavement, Loss, Grief, Disability, Life Changing or Life-Limiting Illness, Work Related Stress, Work Related Issues, Bullying, Relationship Issues, Marital Difficulties, Self Harm, Phobias, Fears, Obsessions, such as OCD or OCPD.

Also, Mindfulness Coaching, Personal Life Coaching, Personal Development, Spiritual Development, Health-related issues, such as Chronic Illness, Infertility, Mens Issues or Womens Issues.

Mental health issues, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, ADD, BPD, NPD … Pregnancy related issues, Redundancy, Identity problems, Sexual identity, Sex-related issues, Sexuality, Significant Loss and Trauma and a whole lot more Client Issues not listed here…

I strive to be flexible in my approach to Therapy.  So that I can respond to what works best for you.

Furthermore; I am able to offer you a wide range of tools and techniques. These are insightful, safe and effective. These tools and strategies Influence my ever-evolving practice. Which are always (Tailored to suit you!) 

Allow me to help you to feel in control of your life once again.

Don’t wait around for it to get better … Ring Today!

Professional help is at hand today!  

Finally; and in conclusion, If you would like to find out even about me.

Additionally, If there is anything at all that you still feel unsure about, after reading this lengthy page please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Or if you wish to find out about bereavement or loss click here Bereavement


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