Anger Management Counselling Stoke on Trent.

Anger Management Counselling is something I have specialised in helping clients with for many years now.

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What exactly is Anger?  Client questions below … 

  • Is Anger a Bad thing?
  • Can I learn how to control my Anger?
  • Could Anger be bad for my health?
  • Why am I Angry all the time?
  • What causes my Anger?
  • Do I Bully People?
  • Have I got some kind of Anger Disorder?
  • Am i Controlling?

Generally, and during the process of helping my clients to overcome their Anger, these are a few examples of the most common questions that come up in Anger Management Counselling.

Lastly, there are many more questions and reasons for becoming angry to add to the list above.

Mental Health Issues can cause us to become Angry too. Such as Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fear, Borderline Personality Disorder. There are many more

Anger Management Counselling and Coaching Courses/Classes.

  • As a rule, the first step is to get to the bottom of why you are Angry? 
  • Additionally, we need to find out why you aren’t able to control your own Anger?
  • In particular we need to find out just exactly what Triggers your Anger?
  • To begin with, I share some Tools and Techniques with you that may help you in the short term.
  • Learn how to Control your Anger with helpful strategies.
  • Anger Management Courses Teach you how to control your temper.
  • Also, Recognition of how your Anger Impacts your close family, friends or work colleagues.

The Various Types of Anger for you to consider?

  • Explosive Anger (Violence! … Outbursts of Shouting, Hitting, Smacking, Name Calling, Blaming)
  • Passive Aggression. (Non Violent, but emotionally damaging to yourself and others around you) For the most part Passive Aggression happens inside you. However, Sarcasm can be your way of communicating with others when you are lost in your angry ruminations. Stewing on your resentments and unsaid words. 
  • Displaced Anger (It’s Someone else’s fault! It wasn’t me!)
  • Regularly, Guilt and Fear can be the outcome here.
  • Manipulation and Control is also a form of anger. It’s unpleasant and hurtful to your victim.
  • Is it not?
  • Would it be easier to Learn how to let this go?

How do I Control my Anger?

In short … Anger may have lived inside you for many years and Anger isn’t something that we can rid ourselves of!

For Instance, If a thug was dragging your loved one away. Would you get Angry?

Of course you would … 

Therefore, Anger isn’t the problem when used (Constructively) It’s when Anger is used (Destructively) It becomes a problem.

There’s an Appropriate use of Anger and a very Inappropriate use of Anger.

Furthermore, we can learn how to express our Anger (Appropriately)

It’s a Skill that we can learn how to Master.

Just like learning how to drive or ride a bike.

Anger can be Managed but not eradicated. 

In Summary, Good Anger Management Counselling and Treatment, In addition to learning how to relax and become (Stress Free) is the key to good management of your anger issues.

Last but not Least – Book a Session or sign up for an Anger Management Course of several Sessions with me and set yourself and your family, friends and colleagues free from your Anger.

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