Mindfulness Counselling Stoke-on-Trent

Mindfulness Counselling in Stoke on Trent 

First of all … What is Mindfulness and how can it help you to live a more peaceful life and to help with your current issues or problems?

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Bringing your Mind back to (Now)

Can Mindfulness Skills, Tools or Techniques help you to live more peacefully in this stressful western world?

Our Counsellors in Stoke-on-Trent are Highly Trained in Mindfulness Counselling Therapy. 

How can Mindfulness help you in your Relationships?

Is Mindfulness relevant for you and your particular problem or problems?

Is Mindfulness easy to learn?

How long will it take me to learn it?

Can Mindfulness Counselling help me with my Anxiety, Stress, Depression or Anger Problems?  

These are very commonly asked questions that clients often ask me, and my answer is quite a simple one. YES!

For ‘Most’ of the time as human beings we are on … what we call … (Auto-Pilot) which is when we’re lost in thought and trying to do several things at once and not Noticing our present state of being.

In other words, Lost in Thought.

As a result, this could mean that for the large majority of the time we are worrying or ruminating about things in a very unconscious manner.  In other words, we aren’t even aware of it.

This rumination causes further Anxiety, Depression, Stress etc.

In fact, every single problem that we have can be made worse by incessant thinking or rumination. We add to our emotions in a negative manner when we’re lost in this way.

How can Mindfulness Counselling help us to recognise our AUTO-PILOTS reactions.

Mindfulness Counselling can help you to become more acutely aware of this mindless state of being that we all find ourselves in from time to time when our worries start to get on top of us.

It seems like … By the time we seek counselling, we have usually reached a point where we can’t stop worrying at all. The cogs are turning around even in the middle of the night.

This rumination can be keeping us awake at night. We quite possibly aren’t eating properly either. The worrying machine is consuming our every thought.

We perhaps can’t even find any pleasure or joy in our lives anymore.

Life has become a chore. It might feel like you’re going mad. Sometimes it even feels so bad that you might even be contemplating suicide.

Furthermore; We often can’t even see a way out of this mindless state of being.

I’v Trained in Mindfulness and CBT for several decades now. This enables me to help you with this incessant worrying.

Mindfulness Counselling Therapy can help us to live a much more peaceful life, helping us to focus more on the present moment, and what’s actually important.

Ultimately, we learn how to worry less and less about trivial things. Things that aren’t really all that important.

Furthermore; Mindfulness Counselling Therapy can help us to deal with more serious issues too. Hence, enabling us to focus on the here and now, as opposed to worrying about the past and things which we can’t change. Like the Imaginary Future!

Mindfulness helps you notice unnecessary worrying which creates anxiety.

Due to anxiety we sometimes spend hours, days, weeks or months worrying about the future and anxiously focusing on what may or may not happen?

Especially Relevant for you here; Is, How you can Learn how to stop engaging in this madness – and learn how to start living again.

Learning how to incorporate several easy to use techniques, tools or strategies into your life to make this possible.

Our counsellors are available to help you. So that you can swiftly return to your happier state.
Male or female counsellors are at your service.

(About) Mindfulness Meditation 

Meditation can help us to become less reactive. We are wired to avoid or escape from danger.

For example, we would need to react swiftly if we encountered a charging bull.

However, we tend to react to Internal Sensations in much the same way.

As a result, we create an Internal Battle Zone when we react to external events.

As a rule, this becomes a habitual pattern. A pattern of thought, sensation and this affects our physiology. It’s obviously not healthy.

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation.

The benefits of meditation are immense. Harvard Experiments have shown that meditation helps, even at a genetic level.

Above all, helping us with relaxation.

Coupled with, having a profound Impact on our psychological health.

Meditation can help with our emotional and mental responses.

Mindfulness Meditation has been proven to help with …

Many Diseases

Our Cortisol Levels

Our Serotonin Levels become higher

Blood Pressure Lower

An Increase in Immune Cells

Coupled with Less Anxiety, Stress and Depression.

Mindfulness Counselling Courses in Stoke-on-Trent.

Finally, as part of my counselling services, I offer Mindfulness Courses in Stoke-on-Trent. Which are more like Tuition Sessions rather than your standard counselling sessions. They can be 4-8 sessions long according to your own preference?

Please note: This doesn’t mean that the focus of these sessions isn’t on you and your problem. Your problem is very much Integrated into the Therapy.

These courses are predominantly Teaching Mindfulness, whilst exploring your problems in a friendly and calm way.

CBT Counselling comes into the teachings as well as a mixture of spirituality. An eclectic mix of approaches which are specifically designed to help you in the best, most appropriate way possible.

These sessions or Mindfulness Courses are dictated and lead intuitively and instinctively by tracking how you are feeling on the day of the session.

Always working at your pace and respecting your feelings at every step along the way. If you wish to know more about Mindfulness Counselling in Stoke-on-Trent please call me, or text or email me.

Don’t delay ring today!

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Mindfulness Counselling in Stoke-on-Trent.

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