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Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness Counselling in Stoke on Trent – Staffordshire.

 Mindfulness counsellor in Stoke on Trent.

First of all … What is Mindfulness Therapy and how can it help you to live a more peaceful life and to help with your current issues or problems?

Counselling Mindfulness Therapy in Stoke on Trent

Mindfulness skills can help you to live more peacefully in this stressful western world?

How can Mindfulness help you in the Counselling Relationship?

Is Mindfulness relevant in the counselling relationship?

Can Mindfulness help you personally with your Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Your Fears or your Relationship Issue or any other issue for that matter?

These are very commonly asked questions that clients often ask me, and my answer is quite a simple one.

For ‘Most’ of the time as human beings we are on … what we call … (Auto-Pilot)

As a result this might mean that for the large majority of the time we are worrying or ruminating about things in a very unconscious manner.  In other words we aren’t even aware of it.

 How Mindfulness Counselling or Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy can help us to step out of AUTO-PILOT.

Counselling can help you to become acutely aware of this mindless state of being that we all find ourselves in.

It seems like …. By the time we seek counselling we have usually gotten to the point where we cannot stop worrying at all. It’s keeping us awake at night, We quite possibly aren’t eating properly. We perhaps cant find any pleasure or joy in our lives. Life has become a chore. It feels like we’re going mad. Sometimes it even feels so bad that we might even be contemplating suicide.

Furthermore; We often cannot even see a way out of this mindless state –

In addition; Mindfulness Counselling Therapy can help us to live a much more peaceful life, helping us to focus on the present moment. Therefore,  ultimately worrying less and less about trivial things. Things that aren’t really all that important.

Consequently; Counselling Therapy can also help us to deal with more serious issues too. Therefore, enabling us to focus on the here and now, as opposed to worrying about the past and things which we can’t change.

Due to anxiety we sometimes spend hours, days, weeks or months worrying about the future and anxiously focusing on what may or may not happen?

Especially Relevant for you here;  Learn how to stop engaging in this madness – and learn how to start living again.

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