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Mindfulness and Awareness Counselling in Stoke on Trent.

Mindful Awareness?

What is it?

What does it mean to me?

How will it affect how I ‘feel’ and ‘behave, as a result of how I think?

Unfortunately for ‘Some’ or ‘Most’ of us humans, our thoughts tend to be predominantly negative for a large amount of the time. Our negativity is related ‘in part’ to how we were conditioned from a very early age by our parents or care givers, so this conditioning influences why we think about things in the way we do. And we need to keep ourselves safe, so we’re always anticipating future.

In others words we are created to think in this way. It sounds bizarre, but never the less … It’s true!

Acquiring more Mindful Awareness can help considerably with re-educating our brains to, not only think differently but to engage and ‘Respond’ to difficult life situations. Rather than ‘Reacting’ from them.

Therefore; We become more able to ‘Accept’ life as it unfolds.

Mindful Awareness in Terms of Thinking.

Have you ever heard the phrase; “I wish it wasn’t raining today” or “If only this hadn’t happened to me then I wouldn’t be feeling this way?”  Have you ever said that to yourself too?  I’m sure you have!

Well with that in mind … What do you think the impact was on how you ‘felt’ when you said it silently to yourself?  Do you think it didn’t affect you in any way?

Basically we are talking to ourselves from the moment we wake in the morning until the moment we fall asleep at night. And according to our ‘Inner story’ or our ‘Inner self talk’ – We feel Happy or Sad – Peaceful or Tortured as a result of our stories that day.

Mindful Awareness can be heightened in Counselling and Psychotherapy and this can help us tremendously with re-educating this inner voice, or inner dialogue of ours which can in turn improve the way we feel.

We can only retrain this voice when it becomes ‘conscious’ to us. 

The first thing we need to do, is to become ‘AWARE’ of it. If we are not aware of it and aware of just how much it influences our well being then … How are we able to change it?  Or how can we re-educate it to work for us rather than against us?

It is quite possible when we learn mindfulness skills, to re-educate our inner voice so that your Inner Dialogue changes!

When the Inner Dialogue changes miracles happen and you become a new you – With a brand new Auto-Pilot … A new way of Being.


What we focus on we grow! 

That includes anxiety and depression ….. Learn how ‘Not’ to make these thoughts and emotions the focus of your life.

Mindful Awareness is the key to success for peace and tranquility.

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